My Kindred Spirits


My Story

I would like to start by thanking all of the teachers in my life. I believe friends, loved ones, each person we meet are placed on our path through divine guidance. All those we have experienced in our lives, good or bad are our teachers. We learn and grow from every experience.  

Thank you-  

I knew as a young child I was different. I always felt a presence of protection watching over me. Having many dreams and premonitions that would somehow come to life in some way.  A strong sense of knowing when things were going to happen before they actually did.  After having my own children this all began to become much stronger and would occur more often. It was more than just a mothers intuition.

Having experiences of different sorts on a daily basis really makes you question the possibilities outside our physical realm.

During a very difficult time in my life I began to ask in prayer for more guidance in my life, more direction....

" What was my purpose?" Being a mother is a blessing and a job that I love. This was purpose in my physical life but something was missing..  What was my Soul purpose here in this life ?  

I began to feel an urgent need to know more spiritually and more about the human consciousness..... And so my journey began.

Researching topics on metaphysics, psychic awareness and the human energy field/auras. It was all so fascinating to me, I couldn't get enough. My dream messages started merging with my waking states.  Becoming much more aware of things around me and being able to sense so much more than I ever had before and my life had began to evolve.

My mediumship abilities quickly began to flourish naturally. I began to acknowledge my Soul purpose and I felt alive !  

Through a life changing divine experience, I knew without a doubt it was time for me to pursue my purpose, even thoughI had a few mixed emotions it was time.. I knew i could never nor would I ever want to deny my abilities .

Being a Medium allows me to be able to help others in this lifetime to understand that our Soul does continue on after we leave the physical world.  Delivering messages of love, hope and peace can bring comfort to know they are still connected in spirit with their loved ones. Our loved ones are always near to help guide us on our journey. It makes their heart sing when they realize we understand this.

Past Life Regressions:

Many people believe as I do, that we have lived previous lives.  During a past life regression, through hypnosis, we are able to go deeper in our understanding of our Higher Self /Subconscious mind.  Allowing ourselves in this life the opportunity to gain insight and begin healing from past events that may still be lingering unresolved . The changes come from you not the facilitator, or the Subconscious but within you.  Enabling us to make connections in unwanted patterns between these lives allowing us the choice for positive changes .... it is free will . 

Our Higher Self, Over Soul, Subconscious which ever you may choose to call it, it knows us and wants only the best for us. It is connected to everything,and everything is energy... all living things vibrating on different frequencies.


 "We hold the key to unlocking the door that takes us to the place where the knowledge waits for us so patiently." 

This is a spiritual process that involves trusting yourself , understanding your natural intuitive abilities, becoming more connected in life, learning who you truly are.  Learning to let go of " fear and ego" is not always fun or easy but necessary to grow into your full potential. Knowing when change is necessary to move forward in this life..... and we usually always know.

We either feel it or just know it; the signs become undeniable, and that small whisper you may hear within you... that is your Higher Self .... it doesn't lie 

You are the artist of your choose the colors, the canvas, people and scenery . You have the power to make it all come alive..  Create the life you deserve! 

I truly honor my ability to connect with Spirits and to deliver messages from your loved ones. My job is to paint the Spirit back to life for you- blending my energy with spirit energy, we work together to make it the best experience it can be.

I am a natural born medium; a messenger between to worlds for the spirits who are ready to be heard. We don't have the ability to choose who comes to visit or what the topic will be... We receive exactly what is meant to be heard.  

The Spirit chooses the Medium that it feels will best deliver the information it needs to get through. The Medium does not choose the Spirit or what will be discussed in a session.  


​                                          It is free will if we choose to embrace it .

have had the honor to study under a few of the worlds best mediums from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. 

I have also studied Psychic Investigations and worked on missing persons and cold case files.

Certified Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Master

Certified Yoga Instructor (Hatha 200 hr.)

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner

              Most importantly I am a mother of two amazing children who mean the world to me . 

                                           My greatest honor is being their mother. 


   In love and Light